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A freeware firewall software

Nowadays there is various antivirus and virus protection software that is offered forfree, but most of it will slow your computer down considerably. The freeware firewall we are reviewing today is produced by Tall Emu, part of Emsisoft. The latter’s aim is to manufacture firewall and antivirus programs for both business and home use. The latest OnlineArmor firewall prides itself on being among the best of the best freeware firewalls. We tested it and invite you to read for more information.

Easy to install and use

Downloadand installation of this product went without problems, so no need to worry; total size of the file: 10MB. The Safety Wizard feature was very nice, because it gave some tips on how to use the freeware; it also enabled us, during this test, to manually choose what the program should look after. Online-Armor-Free

After finishing the scan, the Wizard along with the Autorun gave us the option of either allowing or blocking programs we found and then installed via the Internet. The interface was very user-friendly, so navigation went smoothly. There’s a Learning mode with which the OnlineArmorFreeis able to monitor programs and their behaviors, so that it will easily create rules to give permission to these behaviors. Some other features offered by this product were Hosts, Autorun, IE add-ons and so on.

Some small problems

As for issues, the freeware we tested for this review only encountered issues when we used Adobe Photoshop Elements; every time we tried opening it, it completely froze and wouldn’t work. To unfreeze it, you shouldn’t go offline, because the freeware will turn the Windows firewall off and then on.
In the customer service department, the Online Armor firewall comes with a support forum which is very informative.
In other words, the latest firewall coming from OnlineArmor is quite a good pick if you want afree protection program.

Free download Online Armor Firewall

Online Armor Free, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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