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A good anti hacker shield

The OutPost Firewall Free tries to make its way on the market by promising only good things. This is supposed to be freeware that allows users to protect their computers against dangerous items without major impact on the system. We wanted to see if that was true, so we tested the program. Here is our review.

Windows 7 compatible

As usual, here are the requirements of the OutPost Firewall Free: either Windows 7, 2003 or Vista and 500 MHz (or faster), 30 Mb hard disk with 256 Mb RAM. The total size of the freeware is 16.63MB.
Installation ran smoothly, but not as fast as other firewall programs. On the bright side, besides being smooth, it was also very easy. Once that finished, the product told us to restart our PC, which we did. Needless to say that the interface was very pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate. We quickly noticed a My Security section whose role was to offer an overview of settings and status.

We think the OutPost Firewall Free is a much better program than Windows’ firewall, mainly because the latter doesn’t come with outbound filtering at default settings. And speaking of settings, the freeware we are reviewing here provides self-protection, ImproveNet, operation settings, firewall, application rules, logs and host protection.

Application Rules technology

The Application Rules was the most important one, because it offered Anti-leak and Network, which protected against programs trying to send our personal data to the World Wide Web without our consent. This feature also has a color-coded box for differentiating between blocking and allowing rules. Other features assign correct policies for those applications you use the most, control the activities of installed apps and so on.
The new version of OutPost Firewall is quite a good choice if you want to protect your device with freeware.

Free Download OutPost Firewall

OutPost Firewall Free, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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