PC Tools Firewall Plus

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A freeware application against spam

The Internet is full of freeware that provides protection against viruses, Trojans, keyloggers, scams, spam, phishing and the list can go on. In the past we testes many of them and we found some really good ones. The PC Tools Firewall Plus version 7 is among them. At least that’s what our tests indicated. For more information take a look at our following review.

Easy to install

In order to be sure that the freeware works at it should, your PC has to have one of the following in terms of operating system: Windows Vista, XP, 2000, or 2003. The program has a size of 9.8MB.
After we checked to see if our computer had one of the above and the space necessary, we downloaded the PC Tools Firewall Plus and we had no problem during the installation process. The software is available for free download. After that we launched the program and were welcomed by a simple and nice interface. It’s important to say that there are two user modes: Normal (for basic users) and Expert (for those who want to configure and control themselves what they need and what they don’t.pc-tools-firewall-plus

Good protection against hackers

This version comes with some new features, namely Improved Application and Extensive Security Permission. The first one offered extended user control over input as well as output rule creation and modification, whereas the latter option blocked suspicious items from bypassing the freeware. Other than these two we found the entire usual feature, like Windows Filtering Platform Support, Network Awareness (an improved one) and Data Leakage Protection (also improved from other versions). The Windows Filtering Platform Support enabled us, during our tests, to have control over network traffic; the second of the group detected whenever we tried to connect to a local network for the first time and gave us the option of defining rules for each local network our PC joined. Finally, the Data Leakage Protection offered good protection against hackers.
And so we come to the conclusion that the PC Tools Firewall Plus is nice little freeware that looks good and is easy to use.

Free download PC Tools Firewall Plus

PC Tools Firewall Plus, 5.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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